The Life-Sized City
The Life-Sized City The Life-Sized City
The Life-Sized City The Life-Sized City
The Life-Sized City
Прем`єра 13 Грудня
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The Life-Sized City
13 Грудня 2023
The Life-Sized City is a ground-breaking documentary series that explores the anatomy and vibrancy of the modern city, highlighting pockets of life-sized good­ness in cities around the world. The host, the Danish urbanism expert Mikael Colville-Andersen, gives a voice to those who go above and beyond stereotypes and who dare to make a difference, from ordinary citizens to urban activists and political leaders. He is at the helm of intriguing and creative encounters with those who make up the social fabric that redefines city life, talking about public space, transport, family life, urban sprawl, bikeability and green initiatives- all on a human scale. Interacting with true urban heroes, he gets dirt under his fingernails and puts theory to practice as he takes part in surprising urban innovations. Mikael Colville-Andersen is a Danish urban designer, author and artist. He is one of the leading voices in global urbanism and has worked in over 100 cities to improve urban life and tackle climate change. Since 2022 he has been working in Ukraine with his NGO and many other urbanism projects. Screenings are followed by a Q&A with Mikael. Episodes and talks are held in English without Ukrainian translation.
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The Life-Sized City

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